06-10REC. Thursday: Suzanne Ciani and Nick Verstand audiovisual performance

Big news, the REC. Thursday is finally revealed. Suzanne Ciani and artist Nick Verstand will do a very special audiovisual performance together in Transport. Nick Verstand accompanies Ciani by composing with light corresponding with her music performance. Using control voltages from Ciani’s modular Buchla synthesizer, he transforms sound envelopes, rhythms and spatial dynamics into light parameters. Light and sound surrounds the audience, expanding beyond a regular performance set-up. In a darkened Transport, artists, installation and audience occupy the space together.

Suzanne Ciani is a true synthesizer pioneer. She was one of the early disciples of 70’s synth maker Don Buchla and uses his modular equipment ever since. She was responsible for a revolution in advertising sound design, by the creation of the famous Coca-Cola ‘plop’ sound. A distinctive sound, that is recognized all over the world. The real breakthrough came in the 80’s, with calming new age spacemusic, earning her 5 Grammy nominations.

Nick Verstand is a contemporary artist researching human perception and consciousness. His large-scale immersive art installations – spatial compositions of visuals, light and sound – transform human behavior into hypnotic environments.

Co-creations of artist, object and audience, Nick’s intuitive surroundings trigger exploration and interaction. They form sensory experiences that touch upon the subconscious mind.

Nick has collaborated with artists like Fatima Yamaha and exhibited at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, TEDx, Design Society (CHN), Lumen Prize and SXSW (USA).

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Suzanne Ciani will also do a modular synth session at BAR on Friday November 3rd.

A very limited amount of tickets for the Suzanne Ciani and Nick Verstand art project will go on sale on Tuesday October 10th via this website for 10€. Regular festival tickets do not grant access to this show.

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