saturday - Poppodium Annabel Dialoque

Bridging the divide between dance, jazz, funk, rock and the growing dance music movement, Dialoque is an electro jam bound to sound different and take the live electronic scene by storm. The band is an exchange of melodic phrases that blur the lines between genres, and allow its blend of synthetic, electronic and organic sounds to fill up any room.
With musicians from all sorts of backgrounds and genres, Dialoque has evolved into creating sounds with a strong foundation, in which the band is able to let go from, and capture the essence of a wholly unique, this-is-happening-here-and-now experience.

By creating jams through improvisation, and by embracing serendipity, the band is able to impact their audiences through melodic and emotional progressive sets. In this way, spontaneity is the main element that sparks an interaction between the band and its audience – a rhythmic dialogue between the artist and the public, with catchy melodies and harmonious riffs, is then created. Dialoque’s music is therefore truly about the live set experience, as each performance gives away to an entire different jam – a pleasant surprise for both the listeners as for the band.

See them perform at Annabel on Saturday November 4th.

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