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Bjarki Boston REC Festival 2019


VTSS / BOSTON 168 (live) / AFRA

DATE: SATURDAY. 30.11.2019
TIME: 00:00 - 06:00


From the cold Iceland breeze all the way to the Dutch rain splashes. It's the versatile electronic music producer Bjarki who soon lands in Rotterdam. The bbbbbb records founder became popular with his hitbanger 'I Wanna Go Bang'. In the meantime, he has built up a repertoire, ranging from glitchy IDM, abstract electronics to classic techno bangers.

On Saturday the 30th of November Bjarki will make his big debut during REC Festival by bringing his underground techno sounds to Cultuurpodium Perron. The Italian duo Boston 168 are joining with a spectacular live set. Also the Polish and Berlin based VTSS and Afra from Amsterdam are stepping by for a renowned night.

Tickets are on sale now for €12,50 (ex. service fee)